Hand Washing Steps


Sometimes you forget that you can get sick when Winter is over or nearing its end.  However is just depends on if you catch a bug.  To combat the common cold or other things you can catch follow these simple hand washing steps to combat the common cold.



 If you don’t want to count to 20 while washing your hands, singing happy birthday twice will get you through the 20 seconds.

Make sure to scrub well, even up your wrists to get your hands germ free.

One use paper towels to dry your hands are most effect because they do not hold germs like multi-use towels.  If you use the multi use towels make sure to change it out often to keep germs at bay.

The taps can have the most germs, as people usually turn them on before they wash their hands. Try to turn them off with the paper towel after you dry your hands to keep the germs you just washed off away.

And remember if you cant wash make sure to sanitize!

Like a good neighbor we don’t want you to catch a cold.

From our family to yours,

Emily Hawkins State Farm

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